Schweinsteiger wants to play in the playoffs with Chicago

Bastian Schweinsteiger wants to reach with his team of Chicago Fire at least the playoffs in the North American Football League MLS.

This goal has set the world champion and former captain of the German national team for the new season, which begins this weekend. On the official website of the professional league the team is led in the so-called “power ranking” before the start of the season in eleventh place. Out of a total of 23 teams, the twelve best reach the playoffs.

“Chicago Fire must hope that this time Bastian Schweinsteiger will remain injury free throughout the season,” the website said. The 33-year-old ex-professional of Bayern Munich had signed in January a new one-year contract with Chicago.

The team from Illinois, however, must wait another week before it may intervene in the action. In the first game of the season, Chicago Fire gets involved with Sporting Kansas City on March 10th. 20 teams of the league are already starting this weekend in the new season. In the previous season, the Schweinsteiger team was eliminated in the first round of the playoffs.

Be more competitive than in the past

“I would like us to improve our playing style a bit and get our full performance over the entire 90 minutes.” Of course, the top spot is the playoff draw, that’s the most important thing, “Schweinsteiger described his goals this week. “There we want to be more competitive then in the past”. Champions Toronto FC are favorites in the new season. New York City FC, Atlanta United and runner-up Seattle Sounders are also in high demand.

In addition to Schweinsteiger are eight other Germans in the North American professional league under contract. The best known of these is probably Stefan Aigner, who had made a name for himself as a player of TSV 1860 Munich. The 30-year-old has been playing for the Colorado Rapids since September. Julian Gressel, a 24-year-old midfielder from Atlanta United, was voted the best young player of the year in the MLS last year as the first German.

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