“Official Football”: Vogts is behind Zorc

Michael Zorc, sporting director at Borussia Dortmund, was at the beginning of the week after a reckless statement after a disappointing draw against FC Augsburg in the criticism. On Monday evening, the 55-year-old had talked in rage, causing a daring comparison to be carried away: “We play like the officials.” Prompt responded the German civil servants and expressed his displeasure. Now none other than Berti Vogts jumped the 55-year-old aside.

“Finally, that’s what a club manager says,” said the former coach in his column at “t-online” and added, “He’s right, of course.” Vogts himself went even further, claiming that “almost all the teams in the Bundesliga play like the officials.”

Only the Bayern Munich and RB Leipzig took the 71-year-old from his criticism. “But otherwise there is played with too little speed, too much across and back, there is too much ball pushing”, complained the carrier of the Federal Cross of Merit. In his view, just neglected, “what is the coolest thing about football: scoring goals at any price.”

“Great that someone has the courage”

Like Zorc, who retrospectively called his comparison “unhappy”, Vogts also emphasized that he did not want to discredit any officials. “But the expression just hits the nail on the head and should be an incentive for the players,” said the European champion coach from 1996. The professionals would now have to show: “We can play faster, we can play more modern and afford what the international top football demands of one. ”

The BVB sports director had roused everyone with his criticism. “Great that someone has the courage to say that – and then someone close to a team,” said Vogts.

Leipzig? “Curiously enough afraid”

Before the pursuit match on Saturday between RB Leipzig and Borussia Dortmund sees the 71-year-old in RB not the team that could be dangerous to Bayern in the long term. “If they have Bayern in the table in mind, they are strangely afraid of fear – just as a defeat as that against Cologne – that just must not happen,” said Vogts.

Vogts did not show much sympathy for Hasenhüttl’s decision to replace national player Timo Werner in the league match against Cologne (1: 2) in the 69th minute. “I do not see him in training, so I can not judge how the coach is doing, but for me that’s not just an outstanding player, but also one who has to be on the pitch for over 90 minutes,” said the 71 -year-old.

Vogts, the Borussia Dortmund in the long term the role as Bayern hunters trusts, was in favor of a contract extension with coach Peter Stoger. “Peter Stoger is doing a very good job in my eyes, and I think that Borussia Dortmund should not only give him a new contract, but also the chance to tailor the squad more in the summer,” said Vogts.

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