Diogo Dalot: Plans for the Future of the 19-Years Old Player

Diogo Dalot appeared in the match at Old Trafford after about a 5-months break. The player had a package of ice on his knee; he said with a smile it is just a sort of precaution.

According to football predictions for today, Dalot is a very popular player. Last time we saw Diogo at the match between Porto and Boavista (it was in March, the game is ended with a score of 2-0). After that, he had surgery on the right knee, moved to the Manchester United with a deal of £19 millions. Jose Mourinho called him proudly as “the best defender in Europe”.

Needless to say, this is a great takeoff for such a young player. He says it wasn’t so easy and smooth in the interview by the ESPN. Reporters were interested how he feels about his life has changed so significantly and fast.

Diogo tells that it felt like a dream but deep inside he was ready for such great changes. He realized that it will bring a lot of difficulties and challenges but he was totally prepared. Dalot mentions his family and friends who provided him with a great support. The player feels proud of his family and he says he appeared there because of them.

Diogo’s father and sister visited Michigan in the summer to watch the football match against Liverpool even if they knew Dalot won’t play there. Both sister and dad were wearing T-shirts with a lettering “Dalot 20″on the back.

Diogo enlisted the support of his relatives and close friends who helped him when the player arrived in Manchester. It was in June, just after he signed a contract with the football club.

Dalton says his family means a lot for him, and he needs his relatives close to him. He says he has got a lot of friends and relatives who are ready to help and support him. He feels totally comfortable on the new place, he likes the city and people.

Dalot made a short but very bright career at Porto, that’s why Manchester United and many other European clubs want to sign contracts with the young man. We are sure that many people remember his impressive play in the Champions League between Anfield and Liverpool in March.

That’s why Manchester United offered to Porto £19 millions to circumvent Barcelona and Real Madrid in this deal. Dalot, however, insists that he only looked at the deal with the Manchester club.

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