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Groundbreaking video evidence vote is coming up

On Saturday, the IFAB votes on the inclusion of video evidence in the football rules. The decision is also groundbreaking for the Bundesliga.

Even Joseph S. Blatter tried again from the depths of the Internet. The “personal appeal” of the former FIFA president to the “guardian of the football rules” via Twitter should, however, just as likely to die down as that of all other technology opponents. There is no way around the video-evidence revolution that the International Football Association Board (IFAB) will finalize on Saturday (9:00 am).

“The results so far give us a positive reception,” said IFAB CEO Lukas Brud to the “SID”: “There will be no political decision, but only one based on facts and statistics.” Factual arguments against the inclusion of the “VAR” (Video Assistant Referee) in the rules, there are hardly.

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